Height: 6’5”                            Weight: 270 pounds                            Date of Birth: April 6, 1971




1994 NCAA California Collegiate Champion & Nationally Ranked Contender

8 time Bay Area Freestyle Champion and 7 time Bay Area Greco-Roman Champion

5 years NCAA Collegiate Wrestling - San Francisco State University

4 years High School Wrestling - ArchBishop Riordan High School

15 years Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling - SF Jets & Peninsula Grapplers



1996 APW Professional Wrestling Training Boot Camp (Graduated)

APW Professional Wrestling Debut Match

vs. Manny “The Raging Bull” Fernandez,  January 1997

Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling

Involved in a West Coast vs. East Coast angle,  March/April 1999

WWF Dojo Training Camp

Invited to attend the WWF Dojo instructed by Tom Prichard,  November 1999

WCW Tryout

Closed tryout by Terry Taylor, Kevin Sullivan, & Mike Graham,  February 2000

Beyond the Mat Motion Picture Documentary

Followed my career, did a personal profile, and showed tryout with the WWF,  released theatrically March 2000

WCW Power Plant

Invited to train at the Power Plant with Buddy Lee Parker, Paul Orndorff, & Terry Taylor,  May 2000

BattlArts in Japan

Competed for BattlArts’ shoot/work league during 3 tours of Japan,  April/May/June 2000

Xtreme Pro Wrestling

Worked for Los Angeles based XPW against Tracy Smothers in three scientific encounters, May 2000

Urban Wrestling Alliance

Competed as H.T.K. for the UWA hip hop/wrestling television show,  April - December 2000

WWF Matches

vs. Michael Modest at Arco Arena,  (Beyond the Mat),  September 1998

vs. Raven at the San Jose Arena,  (WWF Jakked),  May 2001

Midwest Championship Wrestling

Worked shows for the Chicago, Illinois based Midwest Championship Wrestling,  August 2001- September 2001

All Pro Wrestling

Worked for APW in Hayward, California,  January 1997 - November 2001

California Wrestling Alliance

Wrestled in a three-way match with Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan in Santa Maria, CA, August 2002

Ultimate Pro Wrestling

Working shows for Rick Bassman’s UPW in Los Angeles, California,  May 2000 - present

Universal Xtreme Wrestling Federation

Involved currently in a main event feud with XPW's Pogo the Clown, XPW's Steve Rizzano, & "The Ragin Bull" Manny Fernandez, May 2002 - present

Pro Wrestling Iron

Wrestling currently for the U.S. based Pro Wrestling Iron, which is affiliated with Japan's Super League, Noah, May 2002 - present




Tony Jones  (Champion)

date:    1/15/00               won from:    Michael Modest               location:    Healdsburg, CA.

date:    3/11/00               lost to:    Ma'och   w/Crash Holly               location:    San Leandro, CA.


Tony Jones and Jay Smooth  (The Westside Playaz)  (Tag Team Champions)

date:    8/1/97               won from:    Donovan Morgan & Robert Thompson               location:    Hayward, CA.

date:    9/19/97               lost to:    Vic Grimes & Lil Dick Grimes               location:    Hayward, CA.

Tony Jones and Steve Rizzono  (The Westside Playaz)  (Tag Team Champions)

date:    12/6/97               won from:    Robert Thompson & Chris Cole               location:    Hayward, CA.

date:    1/17/98               Jones and Rizzono are stripped of the belts due to a suspension of Rizzono

Tony Jones and Michael Modest  (Wrestling Inc.)  (Tag Team Champions)

(1998 APW Tag Team of the Year)

date:    1/17/98               won from:    Frank Murdoch & Jay Smooth             location:    Hayward, CA.

date:    5/16/98               lost to:    Frank Murdoch & Boom Boom Comini               location:    Pinole, CA.

Tony Jones and Robert Thompson  (The Original Westside Playaz)  (Tag Team Champions)

date:    4/14/01               won from:    The Ballard Brothers               location:    Vallejo, CA.

date:    6/9/01               lost to:    Boyce LeGrande & Mark Smith               location:    Vallejo, CA.

Tony Jones and Robert Thompson  (The Original Westside Playaz)  (Two-Time Tag Team Champions)

date:    9/29/01           won from:    Samoa Joe & Keiji Sakota & The Ballard Brothers           location:    Vallejo, CA.

* The tag titles were forfeited when Jones turned on Thompson right after the match in Vallejo, CA. on 9/29/01*


Tony Jones  (Champion)

date:    1/15/00               won from:    Frankie "The Future" Kazarian               location:    Santa Ana, CA.

date:    6/26/01               lost to:    "Big Time" Tom Howard               location:    Santa Ana, CA.


1998                             "The Shooter" Tony Jones                             #462

1999                             "The Shooter" Tony Jones                             #318

2000                             "The Shooter" Tony Jones                             #314

2001                             "The Shooter" Tony Jones                             #245

2002                             "The Shooter" Tony Jones                             #225

2003                             "The Shooter" Tony Jones                             #222



College 1989 - 1995 (Graduated)

San Francisco State University

Bachelor Arts Degree:  Broadcast/Electronic Communication Arts

Minor: Speech Communication Arts

Sports: Amateur Wrestling (5 years)


High School 1985 - 1989 (Graduated)

ArchBishop Riordan High School, San Francisco, CA.

Sports: Football (2 years), Amateur Wrestling (4 years), Track & Field (2 years)