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A Brief Commentary by "The Shooter" Tony Jones:

"This has been the most difficult two weeks of my life.  On March 27th, 2002, I lost my father, Anderson Jones.  My father taught me everything there is to know about being a respectful, giving, and honorable human being.  My father supported me through the good and bad times along with my mother.  My father was very instrumental in my athletic background which included, high school football, amateur wrestling, and professional wrestling.  I am very happy that my father received a small role with my mother in the film, Beyond the Mat.  You can see my dad reading the newspaper in our living room as Barry Blaustein followed myself and Michael Modest to our WWF tryout.  I love my father, Anderson Jones, with all my heart and know that he is in a better place free from pain.  I love you Dad, God Bless You, and Rest In Peace!"



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